Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

When the Sky Falls Down

Once in a great while, ceilings collapse due to the weight of rain water. When this does happen, it is an unimaginable disaster. This is especially true in comm... READ MORE

Office Extraction

Work is always a bit of a drag on Monday mornings, but it is especially rough when you show up to a flooded office. This commercial building in Rancho Cucamonga... READ MORE

Watch your footing

Water damage is a fickle thing. Sometimes the damage it causes is immediately apparent, like when your entire house is under two inches of water. Other times, h... READ MORE

Mold news

We talk a lot about avoiding moisture. Water may not seem like a big deal, unless of course there is a large amount of it and your personal belongings are at ri... READ MORE

Down the drain

Modern home building has come a long way from the asbestos and lead paint days of the past, but many fundamental practices have survived the tides of time. One ... READ MORE

Kitchen flood from above

When the average person thinks of their kitchen, it typically summons thoughts of happiness or at very least, hunger. In some instances, however, the kitchen ca... READ MORE

When the rain comes

This home in Chino Hills, CA harbored a hidden roof leak for an extended period of time. The leak later made itself very apparent when a large section of the ce... READ MORE