Recent Before & After Photos

Mold news

We talk a lot about avoiding moisture. Water may not seem like a big deal, unless of course there is a large amount of it and your personal belongings are at ri... READ MORE

Down the drain

Modern home building has come a long way from the asbestos and lead paint days of the past, but many fundamental practices have survived the tides of time. One ... READ MORE

Kitchen flood from above

When the average person thinks of their kitchen, it typically summons thoughts of happiness or at very least, hunger. In some instances, however, the kitchen ca... READ MORE

When the rain comes

This home in Chino Hills, CA harbored a hidden roof leak for an extended period of time. The leak later made itself very apparent when a large section of the ce... READ MORE

Vandalism at a Church

Before: SERVPRO of Chino / Chino Hills does far more than just restore homes and businesses after fires, floods, and storms. One of our more common types of job... READ MORE

How Water Damage Affected this Kitchen

Before: A kitchen in a residential home in Eastvale, CA experienced a major water loss event, originating from the water line to the sink. After the line burst ... READ MORE

Garage Water Damage

Before: A garage in Chino, CA experienced severe damage over an extended period of time from an old leaking water heater. The damage occurred behind the walls w... READ MORE

Containing the Damage

Before: This customer's home in Pomona, CA experienced a large water loss event when they were away for business for a week. The source of the water leak had be... READ MORE

House Fire in Chino

Before: This home in Chino, CA was badly burned by a fire that originated in the garage and quickly traveled up the side of the home and on to the roof. The dam... READ MORE

House Fire in Pomona

Before: This home in Pomona, CA suffered extensive fire damage to the front of the structure. The entire garage and many of the contents within were badly damag... READ MORE